The Coming Reverse Reformation

One may ask why I made mention of Martin Luther in my first post and released that post on the day of the 500th year anniversary of the posting of the 95 theses. I will simply state that I think Martin Luther would have a lot to say about society today were he alive. Now, I am not a big student of Martin Luther, but I am a student on the times and seasons. God tells us in His word that there is a time and a season for everything under heaven. My aim to reveal & replace social media started with a personal endeavor to first understand God and where He is moving today. Let me use this post to outline what God has shown me.

My Testimony

Before I begin, I want to first establish that God is not some passive being sitting on His throne unattached from the day-to-day realities of His creation. To the contrary, Scripture shows that He is constantly involved in His creation searching to and fro for hearts that long to know Him. If we agree on this basic understanding, what I state below should not be as surprising as some may find.

I personally love the fact that anyone can see where God is going today if they simply learn to recognize God’s voice. As Scripture describes, the sheep knows the shepherd’s voice and follows him implicitly. Most of my discoveries have followed a similar path for me. When I first saw God visibly move in my life 16 years ago,  the voice was so crystal clear in my head that I could not deny it. That night I wanted to end my life, and I had the means to do so. I felt alone and destroyed inside that night, and I felt like my future was gone. I then felt a feeling of deep love encompass me starting at my head and all the way down to my feet for 90 minutes, and I heard a voice internally telling me to stay alive because I had a mission to achieve for God.

Ever since that day, I have slowly changed to the point that the things even most Christians value in life no longer matter to me. I have been told by those closest to me that success is measured by how much money you make or what house you live in or what status you hold in your job at work. Slowly, God has shown me none of this matters. What matters is how close you are to Jesus and how much you follow His voice. Sadly, I realized how little I paid attention to God’s voice over the years. In this, I feel humbled quite a bit, but I will not act on my own will any longer. It has now become my great joy in life to study daily to know where God is moving and in my small way join that movement.

Most Christians today strive to be held by God, but few are those who strive to walk with God. This requires a constant study and effort to truly see where God is going today. Remember it is the joy of a king to search out a matter. My search for meaning that started 16 years ago connected with God. This should be the case for every Christian.

What I Have Learned

In my attempt to walk with God, I have learned that anyone can visibly see God’s movements today, but I learned that this movement is veiled to those who do not know Him. To those who do not seek to follow God, the things God does are nothing more than every day efforts by man. I have learned over the years that God speaks to me in many different ways. Sometimes he speaks through a non-Christian. Sometimes, he speaks through a cartoon. Sometimes, he speaks through an apostate television preacher. The mystery of when and how God speaks and works is a wonder to me that makes this walk far more interesting than being a simple pew sitter every Sunday.

An ongoing conversation with the ruler of the universe can make for very interesting lessons. I have learned that God is going places. Each little thing He does often showcases little hints about His ultimate goals. Too many people look at the clues and see them as nothing more than incidents when they should be pieces to a puzzle that unlocks a greater mystery. The greater mystery we may unlock is where God is going. What if you could anticipate or know where God is going and arrive ahead of Him to help pave the way. Would that not be the coolest thing?? That is now my goal in life each day. Let us then consider where God is going based on the history of Martin Luther.

Where is God going?

As the owner of my faith, I am searching out the matters that God places in front of me. I keep seeing parallels between the times of Martin Luther and the times today. Let’s consider then the times of Martin Luther and compare them to today. In Martin Luther’s day, the church was a form of government unto itself that was global in nature. It was heavily involved in the politics and finances of almost every European government. It was considered the divinely appointed source of truth to many. It held the powers of life, death, excommunication and eternal punishment in its hands. With this power, the church formed truth as it saw fit to consolidate its power. Anyone who challenged the church’s power and truth was excommunicated or murdered at its hands. Does this kind of power sound familiar to anything today?

In Communistic and Socialistic societies today, the church is degraded and persecuted for its beliefs. Just visit the Middle East or China for an example. In these countries, the church is thriving, but its voice is but a whisper in the alleyways. America is the one country where the church holds a Constitutional right to be a bastion of truth, yet it oddly chooses to willingly shut its mouth and give up its right to speak. Perhaps fear and political correctness led to this, but for whatever reason the church’s abdication of its authority led to the rise of another voice. This other voice is the media. Look at how the media holds the power of life or death in its words. The media can excommunicate those who do not push its agenda. The only power they do not hold that the church once held is the power over eternal punishment. The media silences its opposition not by death but by ridicule and fear. Their power is incomplete in regards to the church of Luther’s time, but the threat on liberty is no different.

If the church abdicated its voice and the media took its place, would a simple restoration of this voice be enough? After all, the institutional churches have many voices in the marketplace of thought, but these voices often disagree with each other and focus on appeasing listening ears for monetary reasons. Among the thousands of denominations and tens of thousands of non-denominational churches in the United States, which voice should stand above the others? Does each church only look out for its own interests? Who is looking out for God’s interests?

The power of God’s voice lies in a remnant that crosses the spectrum of believers in the true body of Christ. Our multiplied voice in an online forum that amplifies real change is the way of future media. Jesus did not chase the religious leader of his day because He knew that the people were the ones who needed a shepherd not the religious leaders. The media is the voice of our society, and if the media drowns out the voice of Jesus in society, how can we be a nation of life, liberty and happiness? Therein lies the imperative nature of our quest. To restore the true nature of the United States and be a beacon to the world again, we must first restore the voice of the church in the United States.

While most media can be ignored at will, we must realize the inherent danger of social media like Facebook and Twitter. We have no personal connection to televisions and newspapers, but the underlying connections on social media keep us coming back and regarding the lies of the enemy. We may attempt to ignore the propaganda of our enemy Satan, but it has been said that if you hear a lie long enough and loud enough that you will come to believe it. The question arises whether social media is actually media when it concentrates the power to control the conversations of society into the hands of a few elitists at technology companies. How is this any different than the papal authority controlling the eternal life of its subjects via indulgences? Technology companies control the hearts and minds of society in its hands.

When the church chooses to abide by the systems of this world, it sets aside its mantle to be set apart.

If the media serves as the power today, the greatest power has become social media. While some media can be avoided by those who disagree, a form of media that connects the whole world is unavoidable even if disagreements arise. The question arises whether social media is actually media when it keeps power to control the conversations of society in the hands of a few people just like the papal authority once did. When the church abides the systems of this world, it also obeys its rules even when they contradict our beliefs. For this reason, the time for divorce has come if the church shall have a voice again. We cannot have a voice above the degradation of society if we bow down at the altar of media and social media. A new media is needed that conforms to God’s will not man’s will.

Therein lies my reasoning for a Reverse Reformation. For Luther to enact change in the true body of Christ, he had to actually leave the institutional church of his day and lead a movement to bring people back to God. The same will be necessary from today’s powerless churches and erring media if we are to have a similar impact. It is hard to turn a ship when the captain is steering it in the wrong direction. Jesus knew the way to change was to stand apart from the system and appeal to minds and hearts directly one by one.

One might ask why I call this coming movement a Reverse Reformation. In Luther’s time, the Bible was not widespread and available to all, yet so many people believed unknowingly that the institutional church had its best interests at heart. Today, the Bible is available in every bookstore and on every phone yet no one knows what it actually says. The greatest success of Satan over the past century was to remove the Bible from all areas of American society. He continues this removal of truth so that his media can continue to control the minds and hearts of Christians.

A new church must arise outside the institutional churches that can be the voice for millions and perhaps billions. On Paul’s missionary journey, he could only speak to one group of believers at a time. We have the internet now! Imagine home churches all across the nation and the world that could hear from a single preacher in many places all at once! The institutional church will of course state that such an approach forsakes the assembling together mentioned in the Bible. To that objection, how are smaller groups meeting in homes any less capable than larger groups comfortable in their pews? With so many people in one place, this breeds comfort-ability that leads to many people not serving. In small group environments, everybody tends to contribute in one way or another.

Even terrorists understand that sleeper units make for a stronger opportunity for success. Imagine sleeper cell churches of a few families that concentrate not on the color of carpet or building a large new building with large loans. Imagine the giving going mostly into the ministry in their own communities and seeking the lost person to person. Could we pray as small groups and take entire communities for Christ.

We could focus not on milking of the pew sitters for the paying of a pastor’s salary or a building fund but on giving more directly to those we need to reach and disciple. We could meet in the same place where the ministry needs to happen. In smaller groups, it is easier to focus on growth intimately. In large groups, people tend to conform to the patterns of the group. It will be much easier to create small groups that start attacking our enemy Satan in every town, city and rural area all across America and the world. As a group, Satan can easily counter our endeavors, but in small groups, we could go to war and defeat him using the same means he used in attempting to destroy this country.

A new form of liberty-based media that focuses on centralizing these efforts will empower and supercharge this bringing back of liberty. With the return of true liberty, we will see great things happen in the true church, and we will see the Bible being brought back to the place of standard it needs to inhabit. We will see the media talking about how God is working in things, and we will see inner cities reformed from being the worst places to live into being some of the best. Always though, we must remember there is a season for everything. Our enemy will try to rise again, but we should aim for the first time in history to create a system that makes it infinitely more difficult. The internet honestly makes this possible! Join us in the cause if this excites you like it does me!

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